Investment projects

  • Asterion’s management key objective is to analyze the markets of different industries and to pinpoint underpriced assets and invest in them. With proper governance and supervision of operations from the highly experienced executives, the company has achieved a long history of successful business renovation which has led to improved financial results.
  • The fund invests a significant amount of capital in stocks and other types of securities to develop a well-diversified portfolio of securities on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange with the purpose of trading them in the short of medium-term. The main objective is to conduct an in-depth analysis of the underlying assets, discover mispriced securities and profit from them.
  • Asterion has focus on investments in Start up based risk capital companies such as Colibra as well as acquiring minority stakes in regulated markets.

Current projects

  • Colibra (
    • “Colibra is the Robin Hood of Flight Compensations.” Bloomberg TV
    • Colibra is a start-up founded in the summer of 2020. Its innovative technology and business model allow prompt compensation of travelers in the event that their flight is delayed. Colibra guarantees its users that they will be paid in 24 hours if their flight is delayed by one hour or more. The travelers only have to scan their boarding passes prior to departure and the system automatically checks whether their flight is eligible for compensation.
    • A new venture of the company is the acquisition, management and development of car dealerships and car rental firms in Bulgaria as well as abroad.
    • The company has been featured in Daily Record, Lonely Planet and The Sun.
    • The Business Model: Colibra purchases airline debt from passengers. The passengers receive frequent but smaller compensations. Colibra retains the right to collect reimbursements from eligible cases at later dates, which are also bigger.
    • The company achieves competitive advantage over already existing competitors because of its optimized mathematical model. The amount of the compensation the travelers receive are dynamic (they are not fixed for every case). Some of the factors that are included in the calculation are: the average delay of receiving a compensation by the airline, the average costs of handling a case, including the cost of capital.
  • Trading portfolio:
    • Except the long-term investments in Colibra and Synthetica, Asterion is exploiting a short to medium term mispricing opportunities present in the Bulgarian stock market.
    • The trading activity of the company has grown significantly in size in 2020 and the intentions of the Management team is to continue its trading operations in the future.


  • Founded in 2007 Asterion Bulgaria.
  • Asterion Bulgaria is a fund which focuses on investing in shares of publicly traded companies primarily on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. Its main trading activity consists of managing short and medium portfolios of different types of securities and derivatives of high quality and low risk by conducting a thorough research of the market beforehand. The company has a history of consistently earning above average returns because of its proficient traders with years-long experience.
  • Another main activity of the company is the identification of profitable opportunities and exploiting them. The fund invests in start-ups with strong growth potential and provides them with support in order to develop strong foundations.
  • Asterion also provides consultancy services to its partners. The company provides financial support and guidance to starting businesses and well-established companies alike.